Affordable Housing for Emerging Adults “Aging Out” of Foster Care

Financial support to families for their foster care children often ends when the child becomes 18 and “ages out” of foster care. 

Emerging adults “aging out” of foster care often struggle to find housing as they transition to adulthood. This can set their lives on a difficult path, leading to unemployment and even homelessness. Affordable housing is a primary factor in avoiding these outcomes.

Approximate 8 to 10 young people age out of foster care annually in our community. Home Works USA is seeking to create 15 affordable rental units to make a significant contribution to this need for housing.

The Home Works USA community will be sited on private property located at 26050 Chieftain Road in rural Leavenworth County. The 26-acre parcel will also features a public walking trail.

This intentional community will support emerging adults who have aged out of foster care as they prepare for thriving adulthood. Our goal is to allow them the opportunity to imagine and realize their dreams in a setting built on the foundation “home works, nature helps, and services matter.

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