A New Community Resource


This spring, as the flowers bloom and the trees turn green, a new public hiking trail will be completed on the Home Works USA community site. This new resource will be open to the public to allow individuals and families to enjoy the beauty and serenity of rural Leavenworth County.

Home Works USA is partnering with the Kansas Trails Council (KTC) and volunteers from our community to build and maintain the trail. KTC has worked with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to develop and maintain trails at scenic locations throughout the state.

The mile-long natural trail will meander through woods and an open field, and is flanked by Mud Creek. Animal habitats and native plants are evident along the way. The trailhead will offer parking for 3 or 4 cars. The trail’s route is shown in the illustration below.

A trail opening event will be held to celebrate and promote this new public resource. Details will be announced soon.